St Albans

‘Flowers, Flowers Van ‘, oil on canvas, 45 x 60cm sold. 2024

The stunning Flowers, Flowers Van stands outside St Albans Town Hall every day and from early morning sells beautiful flowers, carefully chosen by their owners. I was so fortunate, because the midday light catching the front of the van, juxtaposed with the darkened overhead trees, created a dramatic backdrop, that made the van glow. A joy to paint. instagram:flowersflowerssta

‘Let’s meet under The Clock Tower’, oil on canvas, 45 x 60cm sold. 2023

The meeting place below the Clock Tower in St Albans, is perfectly positioned between the market to the east and the Cathedral to the west. As St Albans is built on a hill, this is a popular place to sit and recover from the climb from the Abbey.

Painting in progress, on site…….it was always exciting when the sun reached exactly the right place, to continue the shadows on French Row.