Cityscape Paintings

My working practice is to commit to a defined location for at least three years. The first year, I draw it: to understand the narrative patterns and rhythms of the area. Easier to see with a pencil than in oils. The second year, I paint Plein Air, in oils on small boards which allows me to understand the particular local colour palette, without getting too bogged down in the finer details. I then move onto larger canvasses onsite and create more intricate composite paintings. Finally, I get to work in the studio on a large canvas, using my memories, drawings and paintings to compose a narrative of my experience of the location.

Exit 3 oil on canvas painting. 110 cm x 160 cm
‘EXIT 3, Bank’. 110 cm x 160 cm, oil on canvas. sold.
The Final painting built up from drawings and paintings onsite. Painted in my studio during Covid.