Cityscape Paintings

I like to commit to a particular area for at least three years. Firstly, I draw: to understand the narrative patterns and rhythms. Then paint plein air, oils on small boards, to understand the local colour palette, without getting too bogged down in the finer details. Next, I’ll paint larger composite paintings onsite and finally in the Studio, on a very large canvas: using my memories, drawings, paintings to create a narrative of my experience of that location.

Exit 3 oil on canvas painting. 110 cm x 160 cm
‘EXIT 3, Bank’.
110 cm x 160 cm, 2021. oil on canvas. sold.
‘Exit 3’ was painted in my Studio during Covid, from my memories, drawings and paintings.

A small collection of plein-air oil paintings on board, painted around the Bank of England.

Finished Royal Exchange, Oil on canvas, 2022. 45.7cm x 61cm
‘Royal Exchange’, 2022. Oil on canvas, 45.7 x 61cm, sold private commission.

Entrance to Lloyds‘, 2023. Oil on canvas, 30 x 60cm, sold private commission.

‘The Yellow Door’ 2023 oil on canvas, 40×30 cms. sold private commission