Article 25 at The Crossing: Brick Lane (Zaman Brothers)

Brick Lane (Zaman Brothers), 152 x 54 cm, paper on paper. Sold at Auction by Sothebys.

ARTICLE 25- 10 x 10 DRAWING in the CITY 2013 Auction on Thursday, 28 November.

£90.000 was raised towards building centres for street children in Kenya and Ghana.

A free public exhibition of the artwork was held  22nd of November to 28th of November at the Crossing, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA.

To learn more see the artists and architects drawing on site, see this excellent film created by Ronianka Juneanto –  follow link:-


Abbott and Holder Art Gallery: THE WEEKEND WINDOW 22-24 November 2013


30 Museum Street (opposite The British Museum), London, WC1A 1LH.

Quote From the Abbott and Holder November List….

“large proportion of the British Museum’s 5.5 million visitors
 in the last year looked into our window.  Keeping them interested 
is something of a house sport.

‘The Weekend Window’ is a series 
of displays of work by contemporary artists who might not 
otherwise have a chance to reach such an enormous audience.

Article 25: 10×10 Drawing in the City

’10 x 10 Drawing the City’ :
Article 25 have asked 100 artists and architect to to create a drawing from a assigned ‘square’ of West London. All drawings are going to be shown
in a free exhibition at Somerset House on 1-13 November (10am -4 pm) :There will be an auction of the art work on 14 November, with proceeds going to the charity.